Superhuman Games: Rebirth!

We are excited to announce a new era for Superhuman Games and for the Villains and Vigilantes Card Game as we introduce 4(!) huge new expansions.

Destroyers and Daredevils includes the devastating Destroyers and the indomitable Indestructibles. 

Crusaders and Criminals brings Manta-Man and the Crusaders and a powerful package of mystical and energy-powered heroes and villains. 

Mentalists, Masterminds, and Marvels will satisfy you thirst for world domination with a host of elemental masters, high-tech wonders, and evil geniuses.

And then all three expansions are rolled into one incredible package in the Extreme Expansion

These expansions introduce an incredible array of new heroes, villains, powers, plots, minor characters, and missions. You can mix and match them with our other Villains and Vigilantes Card Game products to create the ultimate, superheroic, strategy card game experience. 

To celebrate the arrival of all this new content we're rolling-out our all-new website. On our new site we are proud to offer the original Villains and Vigilantes Card Game products at a fantastic promotional price. 

Come directly to and get the Villains and Vigilantes Card Game Base Set and Mind Over Matter expansion direct from us at a super-low cost. 

Join us in celebration of this new era. Take flight and take the fight your enemies. Experience the ultimate comic-book card game with the Villains and Vigilantes Card Game.