Rules, Rulings and FAQ

Playing and Drawing Sequence

Whenever a card is played, that card is either canceled or allowed to resolve. If it is not canceled, resolve the effect of that card. After the card has resolved, you draw up to, or discard down to your hand size. So, after playing Crusher Commander you’ve put a new card in your hand. You are at your hand limit and don’t need to discard down. When playing Something Up My Sleeve, you play the card, draw two cards, and then discard one card to get back down to your hand size.

Always draw from the Action Deck. You can only get cards from your Support Deck during the Ready Phase.

A card that inflicts (or avoids) damage can be replaced as soon as its effect has been applied. Inflicting and avoiding damage are separate steps. For example: Evergreen plays Slash on FIST. Evergreen replaces the Slash and draws a Scramble. FIST avoids the damage with Body Armor. Evergreen plays Scramble to cancel the Body Armor. FIST draws another Body Armor. He can still play it to avoid the damage.


Deck Searching

Whenever a card (like Crusher Commander) lets you search your Action Deck you must shuffle your Action Deck after resolving the card.



There can only be one copy of a unique item or character in play at any time. If the unique item is already in play (even if it is controlled by another player) the second copy can not be played.



Counters are used to indicate quantity of something, and a character or card can have more than one of any type of counter. Tokens are used to indicate a state or status. If a target already had a particular type of token it can not receive a second copy of the same token.


Multiple Structural Weakness

Multiple Structural Weakness cards could be played at the same location. When the location is destroyed, all of the Structural Weakness cards are swiped. The destroyed token is only placed once. If the current player has the mission Say Goodbye, then that would only be triggered once.

While the location has a destroyed token another Structural Weakness can not be played on the same location. After the destroyed token has been swiped, Structural Weakness can be played on the location, and it can be destroyed again.


Missions and You

Missions only are completed and provide Mojo when the mission’s controller performs the action. If you have the mission Say Goodbye in play, and someone else destroys the building during their turn, you do not collect the Mojo.


Gas Leak and Plot Timing

When you play a Power card, you fully resolve it, including any responses, before resolving any Plot card effect it might have triggered.

A character at a location with a Gas Leak can play Up and Away and move to new location. Because an energy Power card was played at its location, the Gas Leak is set off. The character that moved to the new location does not receive any damage from the Gas Leak as they are not longer at that location.

If Lightning Reflexes is used to avoid damage from an Energy Blast, but the Energy Blast sets off a Gas Leak, then the Lightning Reflexes does not protect the character from the Gas Leak damage.

If a character at a Gas Leak location plays Up And Away (or any Energy card) and the card is canceled by a Confusion then the card is discarded instead of being played and does not set off the Gas Leak.

Multiple Gas Leak cards can be played at the same location. They are all set off at by a single Energy Power card and will resolve sequentially, inflicting damage.


Burning Buildings and Structural Weakness

A location with Structural Weakness can not be chosen for Trapped in a Burning Building if there are no characters at that location. The location itself would not take damage from Trapped in a Burning Building.


Look Out!

Look Out is a Response Power card and should have the response icon on it.

Note that Look Out! is a Trivial card and can be played directly from your Support Deck even if it is not in your hand.


Minor Characters

Minor Character cards are a type of Power card. They follow all relevant rules for Power cards when they are played.


KOed and Battery Counters

KOed characters are limited in which Power cards they can play. These limitations do not apply counters or other effects on the character. If FIST has his Supercharger, he can use the battery counters while KOed. If he uses them to increase his Stamina he may recover from being KOed.


Rapid Response

Armorman's Rapid Response allows non-response Power cards to played as a response. These cards are resolved after the card he's responding to. Damage is not avoided by leaving the location. Armorman can move to new location and then play response cards, like Look Out!.

Because there are some game-breaking combinations with this power, you do not gain Mojo as a result of the card played with Rapid Response.