Mind Over Matter




In the not-so-distant future humanity stood on the verge of extinction. Following the mysterious 'Prima-1 Incident', cataclysmic events annihilated the majority of mankind leaving behind only an endangered few. In their desperation to reverse theses events, the top scientists dedicated everything to a last-ditch gamble. To save their present, they would attempt to alter the past. They would only get one chance to use their time capsule. The needed someone strong enough to survive the temporal displacement and powerful enough to overcome any obstacle and complete the mission. They created Maxima.

Maxima's implanted memories where ravaged by the trauma of time travel. She arrived in our modern era with an instinctive sense of urgency, but only fragmentary ideas of her identity and true purpose. She quickly discovered that her creators had endowed her with unparalleled physical capabilities, extraordinary strength, and superhuman speed and reactions. She will need all these abilities, and more, to save humanity and succeed at her essential task.



Dragon Magazine #111



Everyone hates Temper. And that's exactly how he likes it. 

Thomas Perry suffered from explosive emotional mood swings. He took an experimental serum designed to to allow him to control emotions. it worked, but not as it's creator intended. Thomas gained limited control over his own emotions and almost limitless control over the emotions of everyone else. In addition to the ability to project and direct the emotions of those around him, Temper is a psychic vampire. He feeds on strife, anger, and anguish of others - growing more powerful with every outburst. 

Temper is naturally attracted to other violent, angry individuals. As an android, Mocker is unaffected by Temper's abilities and likes having him around. The other Crushers resent Temper and he is fortunate to be able to redirect their murderous rages. 



Crisis at Crusader Citadel
Villains and Vigilantes comic mini-series



Marion Henderson realized, with horror, that there was a deep connection between her psychic capabilities and her physical stature. Because of her deep inferiority complex, she was physically shrinking and risked disappearing altogether. She turned to meditation, martial arts, and the cultivation of her own ego as a means of survival. It worked, arresting the shrinking process, but stranding her at 10 1/2" tall. Her ego was not only restored, but she developed the ability to externalize her will and dominate the minds of others. Insecure Marion was no more. There is only Marionette.

Marionette now believes that her domination of others and her own survival are inextricably linked. She demonstrates her own superiority by overwhelming the will of others and taking control of them body and mind. She has an insatiable need to find ever more powerful hosts and make them her puppets. 



Crisis at Crusader Citadel
Villains and Vigilantes comic mini-series


Victor Rath

Despite maybe a half-dozen failed attempts at various super-soldier projects, Victor is no supervillain. He's what you might call a "professional henchman". That guy in the purple jumpsuit with the disintegration rife? Maybe a month later he's robbing banks in a mime costume. After that it could be a Roman soldier outfit. It all depends of eccentric whims of the criminal mastermind du jure. That's Victor. 

Over the course of a remarkable career, spanning over 31 years, Victor figures hes taken on (and generally quickly flattened by) most every superhero and sidekick on the planet. He's worked with all the big villains. He's been involved in more attempts to take over the world than he can count. 

These days Victor's experience and expertise is in high demand. In addition to operational muscle and weapons proficiency, Victor is a valuable technical adviser and logistics expert. Need a half-dozen jet packs in the hurry? Looking for a new secret lair? Victory knows a guy. And he knows how to get things ready for that inevitable superhero showdown. 

By definition and convention, the henchman job is a background role. But Victor figures after everything he's been through, he's entitled to a little recognition. He's documented his adventures and some notes on the henchman life on twitter.