Mind Over Matter Deck Lists


Hero Deck #1
60 Cards

Bring Em to Justice
Allow Me to Expain
On The Mend
Biff x2
On the Move x2
I Can Use This x2
Say Goodbye
Show You the Error of Your Ways
Seeking Justice
Power of Perfection
Clobbering Time x4
Lightning Reflexes x2
Recover x4
Counter Puch x3
Patrol x6
Slam x3
Adrenaline Surge x4
That Tickles x 6
Bam! Pow! x3
Pushing It x2
Double Kick x2
Coming With You
Compact Car x3
Structural Weakness x3


Villain Deck #1
Temper and Marionette
60 Cards


Puppet. Master.
Psychic Vampire
On the Mend x2
On the Move x2
Strike Fear
Allow Me to Explain
Bright Idea
The Great Unmasking
Where’s Your Hero Now?
Now That It Is Too Late to Stop Me
Confusion x4
Recover x2
Indomitable Will x5
Mind Over Matter x4
Mind Control x4
Right Behind You x5
Shared Nightmare x5
Sock in the Jaw x2
Emotion Motion
Mutant Metabolism x2
Let’s Roll
Becky Sparks
Hired Muscle
Dan McCloud – Meteorologist
Jessica Anderson, WCTV
My Pal Jimmy
Victor Rath
That Special Someone x3