Mentalists, Masterminds, and MarvEls: VillAINS



Motivator has the most powerful mind on this Earth. She feels it is only fitting that she should rule it. Why should all of these nations be ruled by such weak-minded simpletons?

Even as a young child, Karen Frost displayed incredible intellect as well as spectacular cruelty. Well before she fully unlocked her full psychic potential, Karen left a trail of bodies and traumatized victims wherever she went. Complete ruthlessness and an utter lack of compassion are terrifying characteristics in the world's most powerful telepath.

For years Motivator terrorized her native England. She's masterminded a variety of schemes to accumulate ever more wealth and power. And she would extract revenge on anyone bold or foolish enough to stand against her. More recently. Motivator has expanded the scope of her ambition even further, taking on the world's most powerful heroes in her quest for global domination.

The full extent of Motivator's mental abilities are not fully understood. But many heroes have learned first hand that she can extract the deepest secrets from the strongest minds. She can effortlessly inflame fears, passions, and anxieties. Complete mental dominance and mind control are well within her capabilities. But she prefers to influence others through more subtle means. Motivator has learned that leverage, fear, or blackmail can be longer lasting and durable means of control. And forcing her sworn enemies to assist in her grand schemes is so very satisfying. 



Most Wanted: Volume 1



Baron Von Mayhem

It was the year 1709 when the Bavarian nobleman first unlocked the secrets of the dark arts. The baron astonished the world with his amazing airships and an army of terrifying automatons. He launched a career of super-villainy that has already spanned over 300 years. 

Over the years Baron Von Mayhem has challenged armies, nations, and empires. Generations of bold adventures used their wits and fists to thwart his diabolical schemes.  Many suspect he used his mastery of supernatural forces to alter the course of history. It is rumored that Benjamin Franklin exploited the Baron's rivalry with a Hessian prince and formed a secret alliance during the American revolution. Some theorize that the global probability storm Baron Von Mayhem unleashed during The Great War many have been the catalyst for the sudden emergence of super-powered mutants and meta-humans in the 20th century. 

Baron Von Mayhem continues his impressive career even in the modern age. His control of arcane forces continue to astound. His amazing creations still compete with modern technological marvels. But he doesn't really terrify like he used to. Many heroes think the Baron is past his prime. At this point, his attempts to conquer the world can seem a little half-hearted. But Baron Von Mayhem is still developing new schemes, and continues to match wits with the latest generation of uniformed adventurers.  



Madame Frigia

Maybe, with a little luck, things could have turned out differently for Francine Curry. She was pursing her PhD and working full-time in a cryogenics research laboratory when her daughter, Rose, was born. It was a lot to handle, but Francine and her husband seemed to be making it work. But after Rose's sudden and mysterious death, everything changed. Francine became increasingly cold and intense. She became obsessed with her research, refusing to leave her lab. She was kicked out of her doctorate program. Her husband left her. Eventually, she was even fired from her job.

As her life unraveled, Francine's obsession only intensified. She snuck back into her old lab at night and assembled the elemental power armor that transformed Francine into Madame Frigia. Her cryogenic suit is an unrivaled technical achievement. It allows her to freeze anything and generate mountains of ice with a thought. With it, Madame Frigia has performed has series of robberies, breaking into laboratories, research hospitals, and banks. Bit by bit, crime by crime, Frigia is methodically working towards some ultimate, still-unknown objective. 

She is relentless and ruthless in her pursuit. She lets nothing stop her.  Madame Frigia will complete her project. She's ready to freeze, shatter, and destroy anyone who gets in her way. 



Most Wanted: Volume 1




When the Technocracy caught up with interstellar terrorist Z'ever Z'ezin they needed a place to put her while she awaited her tribunal. They needed someplace remote enough that her criminal syndicate can't find her and primitive enough that their star witness would be safe from the local population. They chose Earth. 

Stuck on a backwater planet with plenty of time to kill, Z'ever resumed her occupation as a murderer for hire called Rune.  She offers advanced technology, alien physiology, and a complete indifference to human life. No job is too difficult. No body count is too high. Need to take out a president? Superhero? City? If you can pay the fee, Rune will take on the job. The price is one-hundred million dollars. Results are guaranteed. 

When she's not on the job, Z'ever spends most of her time slumped on a bar stool disguised as just another lonely human drunk. The human part is a disguise. The lonely drunk part isn't really. Someday the Technocracy will come for her and compel Rune to betray the friends and family from her former life. Until then, she's got nothing to do but wait, search for a way out of her predicament, and take out her frustration on the people of Earth.



Foe File #02: Rune



Master Mime

Pascal Lestrange spent years, decades, perfecting his art. His performances combined the uncanny physicality of classical mime with technical innovations that outdid the finest stage magicians and upstaged the most celebrated illusionists. Nobody really cared.

Frustrated by the life of a starving artist, Pascal initially turned to crime as a way to get a little money and to try and pay off his enormous debts. Naturally, he infused his crimes with a little theatricality. He is an artistic genius. Pascal quickly realized he was getting way more attention for his eccentric robberies than he ever did as a stage and street performer. Every artist knows you have follow the audience. And so the Master Mime was born. 

Master Mime combines performance and profit in his elaborate crimes. With his underworld contacts and technical aptitude he'll construct fantastical traps and deadly "installations" which he'll use to terrify and blackmail his "audience". Sometimes his crazed creations and performances serve as mere misdirection, while the real target is elsewhere. 

More than money, what Pascal truly craves is recognition. Someday he will be recognized as one the worlds greatest artists, even if it kills him. Or even if he has to kill most everyone else. 



Leo the Lion

Malaia is not first African country to be ruled by a strongman. But it is first where that term can be applied quite so literally. President Doctor Leopold Linus III was still a teenage soldier when his powers - superhuman speed and strength, invulnerability and enhanced senses - first manifested.  He was the perfect bodyguard and enforcer for the then president-for-life. Serving as the president's right-hand man, Leo was able to closely observe how power was gained and maintained. It was only a matter of time before he killed the president and seized power for himself. 

Within his native country, "Leo the Lion" enjoys broad popular support. The people appreciate being lead by their own local "hero" and are eager to look away when President Leo ruthlessly eliminates any opposition and dissent. He in naturally charismatic and is happy to show his warm and fuzzy side. If crossed he won't hesitate to reveal the clawed fist. 

The suppervillain community have come to appreciate having a nation ruled by one of their own. Many villains choose Malaia as a their place to lay low and avoid extradition. Leo is happy to welcome his "special guests" provided they acknowledge his authority and don't cause trouble for the small country. More than one malevolent scheme or unexpected alliance has been forged in the royal palace. Leo himself is always looking to consolidate and expand his personal wealth and power. He perfectly willing to lend covert assistance, soldiers, or other resources to assist in some plot. For the right opportunity, he'll get more personally involved and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.



Most Wanted: Volume 1