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The greatest warrior in two galaxies! General of the star-spanning Zorn Empire! Zorbac Ar Torrestar was banished to our primitive world after his failed attempt to overthrow the Zornic Emperor. Having taken a shot at overthrowing a mighty alien empire, he figures that taking over this backwater mud-hole should be child's play. After a few thwarted solo attempts, Annihilator realized that even the mightiest general still needs an army. He recruited and leads the deadly Destroyers.

Annihilator prefers to do the strategizing before the battle. Ideally, he'll let his teammates perform in their roles while he takes to the sky to blast away at whoever is leading the heroes. But he often finds he needs to stay close to coordinate the team and motivate some of the less reliable members.



Death Duel with the Destroyers



Behemoth is among a handful of people in contention of the strongest meta-human on the planet. He's able to tear through anything and tough enough to shrug off most powerful energy bolt or blast of force. 

His power level is big-league now, but before his transformation, Hyram Forbes was decidedly small time. Bouncing in and out of various medium security prisons, Hyram kept getting "volunteered" for prison experiments. If something went wrong, the officials figured his disappearance wouldn't be noticed and he wouldn't be missed. The cumulative effect of the experiments triggered his sudden transformation into a massive wall of pure muscle. But underneath it all, there is still some Hyram. 

Behemoth prefers intimidation to actually smashing heads. He would rather be watching TV and smoking cigars than mixing it up with some super-powered hero. If it comes to a fight, he gets frustrated easily. If someone actually manages to hurt him somehow, he might panic and try to back out of the fight. Or he might become enraged and completely pulverize his attacker. 

Even the bravest heroes aren't eager to see which way that is going to go.



Death Duel with the Destroyers



Despite her modest upbringing, Sandra Montouri, always knew she could be anything she wanted. Ever before she obtained her powers, she used her looks, intelligence, and ruthless ambition to be come a socialite, heiress, CEO, art collector, art thief, and mob boss. After the industrial accident that provider her abilities, she can also be a politician, movie star, morning star, motorcycle, manticore - or really anything she needs or wants to be.

Via a variety of legitimate and illegitimate means, Shapeshifter has accumulated a massive personal fortune. She's willing to bankroll schemes that might lead to even more money and power and continues her relentless pursuit of them both.



Death Duel with the Destroyers



After he was struck by lightning, during a strange shamanistic ritual, Carlton Path, was dead. Cold and dead. It was several days later when he suddenly came back to life as a living lightning-bolt - the Executioner.

The experience did not instill in him a sense of immortality. Pretty much the opposite. When Annihilator or Shapeshifter are around, Electrocutioner will put on a brave face and stay in the fight. He's infatuated with Shapeshifter and afraid of Annihilator. On his own, Electrocutioner is quick to grab hostages, fake-surrender, actually surrender, or just disappear in burst of static and re-materialize someplace safer. 

You can call him a coward, but he's already been dead once and is not at all eager to repeat the experience.



Death Duel with the Destroyers



Edward Fink performed the genetic experiments on himself that gave him the "proportional  speed and strength of a rat." He chose this. His speed and savagery make him a terrifying enemy in a fight. Not that anyone has ever seen him in a straight-up fight. At the first sign of trouble, Ratman tends to dash off in search of a dark corner and a chance to ambush his enemies. He prefers to blind-side heroes while they are engaged with one of his team-mates or otherwise distracted. This tactic does not make him popular with his fellow Destroyers or their enemies, but it can be extremely effective. 

In addition to the sneak-attack, Ratman has other dirty tricks. They include a tail whiplash that carries a powerful neurotoxin. This quickly leads to paralysis, placing the victim at Ratman's mercy. That is not a position you ever want to be in.



Death Duel with the Destroyers


Iron Maiden

Agatha Stark has worked her way up into the supervillain business. After she was fired from a NATO cybernetics project, Dr. Apocalypse and the Destroyers hired her to work on their Doomsday Robot. She proved herself there. Shapeshifter took notice of her talents and sadistic streak and took Agatha under her wing. Shapeshifter offered the training, encouragement and resources that allowed Agatha to build her own suit of powered armor and join the team as the deadly Iron Maiden.

Iron Maiden is proud to work with the likes of Dr. Apocalypse, Annihilator, and Shapeshifter. She is openly contemptuous of most everyone else and eager to punish anyone who shows weakness, cowardice, or compassion.



Death Duel with the Destroyers



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